Hot air balloon rides as a gift

Most people when they see a hot air balloon in the sky ask themselves or those around them..I wonder what it is like to fly. The answer is more amazing than you could imagine. That is what our customers tell us.

Most passengers are slightly nervous as we talk them through the health and safety briefing before the flight. But as we tell them then and as they soon find out the feeling will not last. Within less than five minutes of the launch of the hot air balloon flight they will be talking enthusiastically, pointing out the sites and saying how quiet and serene it is. That is because the basket is stable, the ground simply expands below you to reveal an incredible view and as we travel with the wind there is no noise. It also surprises first time hot air balloon rides passengers that with no wind chill and the sun beating down on you it is also comfortably warm.

A balloon flight is on most peoples bucket list

The gift of a hot air balloon ride is guaranteed to be well received. Whether it is Personal or Corporate the recipient will fondly remember the present for the rest of their lives. They may also bore you silly by continuously recounting and showing you the pictures from their hot air balloon rides experience.

In the unlikely event that the recipient is too scared to fly the terms and conditions allow it to be passed on to someone that is keen. Like a grandchild in the case of a grandparent.

YouTube testimonials from those that have flown with us

This YouTube customer clip shows his experience of the balloon landing

Another YouTube customer clip talks about the peacefulness of their ride

View of the passengers after launch

E-mail testimonials from those that have flown with us

September 2012

Hi Alan, Many thanks for a most enjoyable flight yesterday - I found the whole experience amazing and the glass of shampers was a bonus! Please pass on my thanks and good wishes to Sally too.

Kind regards, David

Dear Alan, Thank you and Sally very much for making our maiden flight so enjoyable. We have some excellent photographs to prove that we went up! We have an amazing experience to remember and hope to fly with you again.

Thank you both, Jane