Balloon flight from Farnham

Farnham lies adjacent to Farnborough Airport Airspace. But a few miles South of the town on the A325, just past Ailce Holt Forest is our launch site in the grounds of Groomes.

This Grade II country residents and guest house Groomes nestles in a 187 acre farm. It is on the very northern edge of the South Downs National Park affording terrific views of the areas of heath land to the south of the venue.

If you live outside the area and are planning a trip to the South Downs National Park we recommend this venue as a base. That is if you prefer five star accommodation and a secluded location.

As we said previously to the North of Groomes lies Farnborough Airdrome so flights from this venue require some northerly element in the wind direction. For this reason we twin the venue with Petersfield. That is on the day of the flight the wind is blowing from the south we will move the launch site to Petersfield and try to land in the vicinity of Groomes.

How much does a balloon flight cost.

Groomes viewed from the air

View of Groomes after take off