Petersfield hot air balloon launch site

This site is part of our Hampshire Sussex border balloon flights area and is usually used when the wind is from the West. The alternative sites are at Chichester, West Meon, Fernhurst, Farnham or Duncton.

Unfortunately we are no longer welcome on the MOD land to the north of the town so this site cannot be used if the wind is Southerly or there is a sea breeze.

The town nestles in the shelter of the chalk ridge of the South Downs. Traveling normally east on a hot air balloon ride affords magnificent views of the South Downs rolling hills and coast beyond.

The launch site is at the Taro Leisure Centre, Penns Place, Petersfield GU31 4EX. Park as soon as you can in the Car Park and walk onto the field and back towards the entrance where you will see us setting up alongside the football pitches.

How much does a balloon flight cost?

View of the Taro Centre, Petersfield

View of the Taro Centre in Petersfield shortly after take off.

Petersfield hot air balloon launch siteB=Balloon launch site: The Taro Centre, Petersfield GU31 4EX