Balloon flight Fernhurst

For those that wish to see the 16th century market town of Midhurst we suggest you join us in Fernhurst. We use this popular launch site to fly South towards Chichester and East towards Petersfield and West Meon.

The site is twinned with these three launch sites to ensure that if its a flyable day we don't disapoint those customers that are booked in. That is to avoid flying out to sea from Chichester or into Southampton air space from Petersfield or West Meon. Instead we fly towards and try to land in those launchsite

How much does a balloon flight cost?

Balloon inflated on Fernhurst Recraetion Ground

On Fernhurst recreation ground next to the cricket green and ready for take off. Photo Steve Roake

Midhurst hot air balloon launch siteB=Balloon launch site: Midhurst, Sussex